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About Us

Weindling Technology LLC prides itself on being different from other firms in the IT arena. Foremost among the distinctions is professionalism, the key to our client interaction. We respect the fact that our clients are experts in their area of business; our responsibility is to support - not change - these business practices through the application of technology. We seek to help through increased efficiency and streamlined access to data rather than by changing the practices of our clients.

We also understand that while a business may be expert in their field, they may not have the talent, experience or technical focus necessary to deploy or support the technology that best supports their work. That is as it should be - a physician should be skilled in their field of medicine, not systems architecture or, for that matter, plumbing.

That's where Weindling Technology LLC can help. We specialize in the infrastructure that can make your business more successful, but that you may not have the time or expertise to develop yourself. Our expertise runs the gamut of modern technology:

These skills have been developed and honed by decades of experience with some of the worlds most prominent businesses, including Motorola, CNA Insurance, Lockheed-Martin, The Options Clearing Corporation, and The Chicago Board of Trade.

Though we are proud to have worked with these clients, we also take pride in working with small to mid-size institutions, for whom we can provide the same services that we make available to larger institutions.